From Influence to Impact

by Jun 29, 2020Social Media

Today we live in a world run by social media. Social media can be used as a tool when used correctly. We have seen people come to know Christ, be baptized, and join our team, only through interacting with our social media platforms. If our mission is to win the world for Jesus, we must start with where the world is. Soul-winning follows the principle of fishing. The first principle of fishing is “go where the fish are.” People are on social media; that’s where we should be. Here are few of my personal observations on the topic of using social media for the kingdom.

  1. Insecurity will kill your impact.

    Many people are afraid to post content or be in front of a video camera. Others are waiting for their content to be perfect before they publish it. Some don’t believe that what they have is good enough to reach the world. I had to overcome those excuses and lies before. I didn’t feel good enough to post content online. I felt insecure about my appearance, my accent, mispronouncing words, etc. But I did it anyway. Today, my content is making an impact around the world. It’s not because I am fantastic, but because I didn’t let my insecurity steal my influence.

    Stop letting insecurity steal your spiritual impact.

    Don’t compare yourself with another person.

    Don’t wait for your content to be perfect.
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  1. Use Your Platform, Don’t Use People.

    The Lord convicted me to use my platform to build people instead of using people to build my platform. Influence is a gift from God, but it’s also a loan from God. We will give an account of how we used our influence.

    Don’t build your platform; build people instead.

    Leverage your influence on impact.
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  1. Intimacy and identity is the foundation of your impact.

    Foundation of your influence with people is your intimacy with the Holy Spirit. Everything flows out of that. After you establish intimacy with the Holy Spirit, anchor yourself in your identity in Jesus. Why? Because without intimacy and identity, influence will become an idol.

    Don’t draw validation from your fans.

    Don’t obsess with who is following you; focus on whether you are following the Holy Spirit.

    If your influence has become more important than your intimacy with the Holy Spirit, you have turned your influence into idolatry.
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