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Inner Healing and Deliverance

by Aug 3, 2020Deliverance

Sometimes deliverance becomes a process in a person’s life that takes more than one quick prayer to rid the mind, body, and soul of all the toxicity that years of demonic influence and oppression may have caused.

Many times, there are particular traumatic events that may have catapulted a demonic power into a person’s life such as sexual abuse, rape, or molestation in the early years. These awful things may cause demons to enter right away, depending on the intentions of the person performing these malicious immoral acts, or in other cases, they can cause demons to enter gradually due to unforgiveness and bitterness in the victim’s heart.

Our soul, which is our emotional life and willpower, can be ripped open and wounded terribly from such situations, or even by situations that may not be as extreme. What hurts or doesn’t hurt you does not depend on the occurrence itself, but depends on you. Deliverance does not automatically heal your soul wounds.

Deliverance does not automatically heal your soul wounds. Click To Tweet

​Your soul may have been deeply hurt repeatedly and a deliverance may have taken place, but because the soul is so badly wounded, it needs to undergo profound healing in order to enjoy a satisfying Christian life. This will include much soul searching, repentance, releasing forgiveness, breaking bondages from generations back, curses in our lineage, and so on.

Once the soul is released from the bondage of unforgiveness and offenses, demonic forces lose their strong grip on a person’s life. Click To Tweet

Once the soul is released from the bondage of unforgiveness and offenses, demonic forces lose their strong grip on a person’s life.

A person can be delivered without the healing of the soul. For some of us who have experienced traumatic events, especially during the formative years of childhood, it is especially important to find total healing for our soul so that the power of the demonic strongholds are removed since they thrive in wounds, hurts, offenses, bitterness, and unforgiveness.

This is an excerpt from “Frequently Asked Questions About Deliverance” short e-book. You can download it for free by clicking on this link.

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