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Do I Have a Demon If I Have Nightmares?

Being attacked in a dream is not a sign that you have demons. But the enemy loves to use nightmares to bring confusion and fear into our life so that when we are in our conscious state, we give him that open door to traumatize us.

Why I Wrote “FIGHT BACK”?

It’s time to move from deliverance to dominion. It’s time to move from freedom to fighting and overcoming. Fight Back.

It is okay to drink?

God does not lead us into evil; He delivers us from it. He does not teach us to practice evil in moderation. Jesus did not make, use, approve, commend, or tell us to use intoxicating wine. God made man to have fellowship with Him. Alcohol goes directly to the brain, the communication center of the body. It interferes with God’s purpose for mankind.

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