Can I Experience Self-Deliverance?

by Jul 23, 2020Deliverance

Deliverance like healing can be experienced without someone praying for you individually. A person can even receive the most precious gift of salvation without a preacher. Though it’s very helpful to have someone minister to you, you can experience deliverance through someone praying for you over a video, telephone, or through a book. Deliverance from demonic powers happens through the Name of Jesus, the Blood of Jesus, the Word of God, and the Holy Spirit. These mighty weapons are available to all believers.

These are a few steps that can help you to experience self-deliverance:

Recognize that there is a demonic activity or an open door.

Repent: confess your faith in Christ; confess any known sins; forgive anyone who sinned against you.

Renounce all contact with the devil and the occult. Throw away any demonically dedicated items.

Release yourself in the name of Jesus.

Resist the devil who will seek to gain control again

This is an excerpt from short e-book “Frequently Asked Questions About Deliverance”. You can download free digital copy here.

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